RM Teal Linda's 2009

An independent campaigner/communicator/writer working on various issues: sustainable agriculture; food security; population; forestry.  

Spent over 25 years in and around the environment movement – starting as volunteer at Friends of the Earth (FOE) just a few months before Chernobyl. That dark cloud led to a part-time job, tracking fall-out across the UK– helping farmers get compensation from a reluctant government. Since then have held various posts at FOE, Soil Association, FARM –plus brief stints on BBC R4’s Farming Today and latterly the Forestry Commission (left when Government decided to ‘dispose of’ (flog off) all our  public woods, set-up Our Forests with Jonathon Porritt, Hen Anderson and others to challenge those plans).

Beyond all that: kept busy by 8-year old daughter, Teal; potter about on my less than food secure allotment, and volunteer at the more productive Chew Magna Community Farm.

Dream is to get more involved in ‘Care Farming’ – creating a place of purpose for people with all sorts of needs (including my own!).

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